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29-06-2018 | Adalimumab biosimilar | Article

Similar Pharmacokinetics of the Adalimumab (Humira®) Biosimilar BI 695501 Whether Administered via Subcutaneous Autoinjector or Prefilled Syringe (VOLTAIRE®-AI and VOLTAIRE®-TAI): Phase 1, Randomized, Open-Label, Parallel-Group Trials

Rheumatology and Therapy

Authors: Steven Ramael, Benjamin Van Hoorick, Renger Tiessen, Thijs van Iersel, Viktoria Moschetti, Benjamin Lang, Ivo Sonderegger, Sabrina Wiebe, Bernd Liedert, Girish Jayadeva

Publisher: Springer Healthcare



BI 695501 has shown similar efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity to the adalimumab reference product, Humira®. We present two phase 1 studies comparing the pharmacokinetics, safety, and immunogenicity of BI 695501 delivered via autoinjector (AI) vs. prefilled syringe (PFS).


Both trials were randomized, open-label, parallel-group studies undertaken in subjects aged ≥ 18–65 years. VOLTAIRE®-AI (NCT02606903) recruited healthy, Caucasian, male, non-athletic volunteers with BMI ≥ 18 to ≤ 30 kg/m2. VOLTAIRE®-TAI (NCT02899338) recruited healthy men and women with BMI > 17.5 to < 35 kg/m2. In both studies, a single dose of BI 695501 40 mg was administered via AI or PFS to the abdomen (VOLTAIRE®-AI) or thigh (VOLTAIRE®-TAI). The observation period was 43/57 days and the safety follow-up was 70 days. Co-primary endpoints were AUC0–1032 or AUC0–1368, Cmax, and AUC0–∞. Safety and immunogenicity were assessed.


Subjects (VOLTAIRE®-AI: N = 71; VOLTAIRE®-TAI: N = 162) were randomized to AI (n = 35; n = 81) or PFS (n = 36; n = 81). Baseline characteristics were balanced between treatment groups in each study. Total exposure of BI 695501 was similar for both groups; adjusted geometric mean ratios for AUC0–∞, AUC0–1032, and Cmax were 106.17, 104.09, and 114.83%, respectively, for VOLTAIRE®-AI; 103.19, 101.71 (AUC0–1368), and 100.11% for VOLTAIRE®-TAI. In both studies, similar immunogenicity was observed between groups in terms of frequency of binding and neutralizing anti-drug antibody-positive subjects. Incidence of adverse events was similar for both groups.


Pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of BI 695501 delivered via AI were similar to administration using a PFS, independent of injection site. No differences are expected between AI and PFS use in clinical practice.


Boehringer Ingelheim.

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