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16-05-2015 | Ankylosing spondylitis | Book Chapter | Article

4. Ankylosing Spondylitis

Authors: MD Prof. Marina Backhaus, MD, FRCP Prof. Yasser El Miedany

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


The advent of ultrasound (US) has transformed our understanding of spondyloarthritis in general and ankylosing spondylitis in particular as it facilitates the move towards unifying biomechanical basis for these arthropathies that is based on the enthesis organ concept. US has also proven to be extremely useful for the diagnosis of inflammatory superficial soft tissue, differentiating it from other metabolic or mechanical enthesopathies as well as monitoring the response to management. Both US and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) also show considerable impact for the diagnostic evaluation of appendicular joint involvement in early ankylosing spondylitis. Further improvement in imaging technology for these sites could also greatly improve our understanding of the disease.

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