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16-05-2015 | Crystal arthropathies | Book Chapter | Article

7. Crystal-Induced Arthritis

Authors: MD Rodina Nestorova, MD, PhD Prof. Daniela Fodor

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Crystal-induced arthritis is associated with intra-articular (and periarticular) deposits of monosodium urate, calcium pyrophosphate (CPP), basic calcium phosphate (BCP), including hydroxyapatite and calcium oxalate crystals. High-resolution ultrasonography (US) is able to detect these deposits and their consequences: cartilage pathology, effusions, synovitis, bone erosions, tendons, bursal, and other soft tissues involvement. Moreover, there are characteristic findings of these aggregates which can also be US detected, helping the clinician in positive and differential diagnosis. This chapter presents the main US findings in gout, CPP deposition disease, and BCP deposition disease. The utility of the method in diagnosis and treatment response is discussed. Comparison with other imaging techniques in sensibility and specificity of the methods in these pathological situations is also made.

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