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Dionysis Nikolopoulos

Dr Dionysis Nikolopoulos holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Athens, Greece. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Biomedical Research Foundation of Academy of Athens and the University of Athens, Greece. In 2016 he became interested in rheumatology and joined the Rheumatology clinic at Attikon University Hospital, gaining experience in patients’ evaluation with systemic autoimmune diseases. Since then, he has been involved in many clinical projects under the supervision of Professor Dimitrios Boumpas and provided assistance to faculty members (Dr Fanouriakis) organizing various lupus cohorts along with extensive biobanking.

Dr Nikolopoulos has collaborated with other rheumatology centers abroad in projects related to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). His research interests focus on SLE, neuropsychiatric lupus and neuroimmunology, while his research work has been presented and published at competitive international scientific fora. He was awarded the 2012–2018 Scholarship for Excellence of “Papadakis Foundation” for his admission to medical school after successful examination organized by the University of Athens. His current research is supported by the European Research Council and the European Union Horizon 2020 SYSCID consortium.

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