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05-06-2017 | Image

Figure 2: Oral MLGs enriched in dental and salivary samples of RA subjects and controls.

(a,b) MLGs (≥100 genes) enriched in oral (a) and salivary (b) samples (for dental samples, n = 51 controls and 54 RA; for salivary samples, n = 47 controls and 51 RA), colored according to family. MLG identification numbers are listed in parentheses if more than one MLG annotated to the same species or unclassified species in a genus (sp.). Possible strain names are listed in Supplementary Tables 10 and 11 for all MLGs with more than 50% of genes annotated to the strain(s), even if the criteria for pinpointing a species or a genus were not met (Online Methods). Sizes of nodes reflect the number of genes in the MLGs (100–4,667 for dental, 102–4,996 for salivary). Blue edges, Spearman's correlation coefficient > 0.55, P < 0.05; red edges, Spearman's correlation coefficient < −0.35 for dental and < −0.5 for salivary, P < 0.05.

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