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08-03-2018 | Gout | Review | Article

Are Doctors the Best People to Manage Gout? Is There a Role for Nurses and Pharmacists?

Current Rheumatology Reports

Authors: Zahira Latif, Abhishek Abhishek

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of Review

To discuss alternate models of long-term gout management

Recent Findings

Nurse-led care of gout appears to improve the uptake of and adherence to urate-lowering treatment in a research setting. Less impressive improvements were achieved with pharmacist-led remote management of gout; however, both strategies were more effective than usual primary care provider management of gout.


Individualised education about gout, patient involvement in decision-making, and access to trained support in managing side-effects and gout flares can improve the uptake of fine and adherence to urate-lowering treatment. This may be best achieved with nurse-led care of gout. However, further research is required to evaluate if the model of nurse-led care of gout can be implemented in routine clinical practice and in different healthcare systems.

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