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26-02-2017 | Osteoporosis | Book Chapter | Article

New Target Sites for Treatment of Osteoporosis

Authors: Werner E. G. Müller, Xiaohong Wang, Heinz C. Schröder

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


In the last few years, much progress has been achieved in the discovery of new drug target sites for treatment of osteoporotic disorders, one of the main challenging diseases with a large burden for the public health systems. Among these new agents promoting bone formation, shifting the impaired equilibrium between bone anabolism and bone catabolism in the direction of bone synthesis are inorganic polymers, in particular inorganic polyphosphates that show strong stimulatory effects on the expression of bone anabolic marker proteins and hydroxyapatite formation. The bone-forming activity of these polymers can even be enhanced by combination with certain small molecules like quercetin, or if given as functionally active particles with certain divalent cations like strontium ions even showing by itself biological activity. This chapter summarizes recent developments in the search and development of novel anti-osteoporotic agents, with a particular focus on therapeutic approaches based on the potential application of inorganic polymers and combinations.

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