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01-11-2019 | Psoriatic arthritis | Podcast | Article

Discussing the guidelines for managing psoriatic arthritis: Part 2


Speakers: Dafna Gladman, Philip Mease, Oliver FitzGerald

In the second of a two-part series, Dafna Gladman, Philip Mease, and Oliver FitzGerald discuss the implications and limitations of the recent ACR–NPF guidelines for the management of psoriatic arthritis, together with key clinical trials that have been published since the guidelines were released.


Listen to part 1

About the contributors

Dafna D Gladman

Dafna D Gladman is Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. Disclosures

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Philip Mease

Dr Mease is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, and directs the rheumatology research division at the Swedish Medical Center, Seattle. Disclosures 

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Oliver FitzGerald

Oliver FitzGerald is a consultant rheumatologist and Newman Clinical Research Professor at St Vincent's University Hospital and the Conway Institute, University College Dublin. Disclosures

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