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21-03-2018 | Vasculitis | Review | Article

Vasculitis in Africa

Current Rheumatology Reports

Authors: Eugene Genga, Omondi Oyoo, Adewale Adebajo

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of Review

Systemic vasculitides are characterized by inflammation of blood vessel walls leading to a myriad of organ disorders depending on the size, site, and location of the affected blood vessel. The epidemiology of vasculitis in the developing world has been inadequately documented. The description of the vasculitides in Africa, both from hospital series as well as taking into consideration, previous epidemiological studies in the community, indicates that these conditions have been rare until relatively recently. In view of these past observations, this review of publications on the topic looks to shed light on the current state of vasculitis in Africa.

Recent Findings

Takayasu and Kawasaki appear to be the most commonly reported vasculitides in Africa. Most of the published reports are from North and South Africa. Furthermore, the contribution of vasculitis associated with infections, and in particular HIV, is significant.


There are increasing numbers of publications reflecting a growing recognition of the vasculitides in Africa.

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