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Expert commentaries from clinicians and researchers on clinical studies, guidelines, and topical issues in rheumatology.


23-10-2018 | Rheumatoid arthritis | ACR/ARHP 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Influenza vaccination in RA patients

Infectious disease specialist Kevin Winthrop comments on the study by Inés Colmegna and colleagues looking at the effects of a high-dose influenza vaccine on immune response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (6:27).

22-10-2018 | Giant cell arteritis | ACR/ARHP 2018 | Video

Axillary artery ultrasound proposed as first-line imaging test for large vessel giant cell arteritis

Berit Dalsgaard Nielsen discusses Aarhus University study findings showing the potential for ultrasound as a first-line imaging test for diagnosing large vessel inflammation in patients with suspected giant cell arteritis (4:57).

27-10-2018 | Denosumab | ACR/ARHP 2018 | Video

Support for denosumab as a treatment option for osteoporosis in patients treated with glucocorticoids

Kenneth Saag discusses his findings of a superior bone mineral density benefit at 2 years with denosumab versus risedronate in patients with glucocorticoid-related osteoporosis (4:45).

EULAR 2018

26-06-2018 | Rheumatoid arthritis | EULAR 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Trial results on upadacitinib for the treatment of RA

Roy Fleischmann comments on the results of the SELECT-MONOTHERAPY and SELECT-NEXT trials, which provide further evidence for the benefits of upadacitinib in patients with RA (6:18).

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14-06-2018 | TNF inhibitors | EULAR 2018 | Video

Researcher comment: Role of TNF inhibitors on need for joint replacement in RA

​​​​​​​Samuel Hawley comments on his research findings showing that TNF inhibitors might not play as big a role in the recent reduction in joint replacement procedures in patients with RA as originally thought and that additional factors are likely to be involved. (2:59)

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19-06-2018 | Psoriatic arthritis | EULAR 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Low rates of radiographic progression with secukinumab treatment in PsA patients

Douglas Veale comments on study results showing that secukinumab-treated PsA patients have low rates of radiographic progression regardless of prior TNF inhibitor exposure or concomitant methotrexate treatment (2:45).

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BSR 2018

03-05-2018 | Juvenile idiopathic arthritis | Conferences | Video

Managing JIA-associated uveitis: The SHARE recommendations

In this video, Athimalaipet Ramanan gives an overview of the key points from the SHARE initiative consensus recommendations on the screening, diagnosis, and management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated uveitis.


07-11-2017 | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

The effects of obesity on the outcomes of rheumatic disorders

Margaret Tsai provides independent comment on three studies exploring the effects of obesity in patients with rheumatic diseases.

08-11-2017 | Osteoporosis | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

Expert commentary: Bisphosphonate drug holidays and fracture risk

Linda Russell gives an independent comment on a study showing that suspending bisphosphonate treatment for more than 2 years is associated with increased fracture risk.

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08-11-2017 | Axial spondyloarthritis | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

Expert commentary: The ABILITY-3 trial

Walter Maksymowych comments on the ABILITY-3 trial results showing that continued adalimumab treatment is important for the maintenance of remission among patients with nonradiographic axial spondyloarthritis.

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EULAR 2017

16-06-2017 | EULAR 2017 | Video

EULAR 2017 highlights: Jürgen Braun

Jürgen Braun talks about his spondyloarthritis highlights from the EULAR meeting.

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15-06-2017 | EULAR 2017 | Video

EULAR 2017 highlights: Peter Nash

Peter Nash discusses his rheumatology highlights from Madrid, including new data on oral small molecules and IL-17 inhibitors.

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17-06-2017 | EULAR 2017 | Video

EULAR 2017 highlights: Joachim Sieper

Joachim Sieper focuses on axial spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis for his EULAR 2017 highlights, covering treatment, structural damage, and the updated treat-to-target recommendations.

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