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Video commentaries

Expert commentaries from clinicians and researchers on clinical studies, guidelines, and topical issues in rheumatology.

ACR Convergence 2020

Marina Magrey

11-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

The potential impact of tofacitinib on AS treatment

Marina Magrey comments on a phase 3 trial of the JAK inhibitor tofacitinib versus placebo in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.

Jeffrey Curtis

07-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

SEAM-RA: Better outcomes with etanercept vs methotrexate monotherapy in RA

Jeffrey Curtis talks about the SEAM-RA trial, which compared etanercept versus methotrexate withdrawal among rheumatoid arthritis patients who were in sustained remission on combination therapy with both agents.

Denis Poddubnyy

11-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

SKIPPAIN: axSpA spinal pain relief with secukinumab

Denis Poddubnyy reports on the spinal pain improvements seen with secukinumab in patients with axial spondyloarthritis, including the benefit of up-titration for suboptimal responders.

Atul Deodhar

09-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Tofacitinib shows promise for ankylosing spondylitis

Lead investigator Atul Deodhar outlines the results of a phase 3 trial investigating tofacitinib as treatment option for ankylosing spondylitis, and discusses how JAK inhibitors might impact the spondyloarthritis treatment landscape.

Fernando Perez-Ruiz

09-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

FAST trial suggests comparable CV safety of febuxostat vs allopurinol

Investigator Fernando Pérez-Ruiz talks about the results of the FAST trial, showing no increase in the risk for cardiovascular events with febuxostat versus allopurinol treatment in patients with gout.

Peter Taylor

08-11-2020 | Rheumatoid arthritis | Conference coverage | Video

How will the SEAM-RA results impact clinical practice?

Peter Taylor comments on the SEAM-RA trial, discussing how the results may inform rheumatoid arthritis treatment guidelines and the future directions for research.

John Stone

09-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Trial suggests no benefit of tocilizumab for COVID-19

John Stone talks about the BACC Bay Tocilizumab Trial, which demonstrated similar outcomes among hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with the IL-6 inhibitor versus placebo in addition to standard care.

Anna Molto

09-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

TICOSPA: Tight-control strategy shows favor in axSpA

Anna Moltó outlines the findings from the TICOSPA trial looking at the efficacy of a tight-control, treat-to-target management strategy versus usual care for patients with axial spondyloarthritis.

Richard Furie

11-11-2020 | ACR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

LILAC: BIIB059 improves active joint count in SLE

Richard Furie discusses the potential benefits of BIIB059, an antibody that blocks blood dendritic cell antigen 2, in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus and the science behind its phase 2 success.

EULAR 2020 E-Congress

Fernando Pérez-Ruiz

12-06-2020 | EULAR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

EULAR 2020 highlights: Fernando Pérez-Ruiz

Fernando Pérez-Ruiz discusses some of the key gout and crystal arthritis studies presented at the EULAR 2020 E-Congress (8:10).

Oliver FitzGerald

10-06-2020 | EULAR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

EULAR 2020 highlights: Oliver FitzGerald

Oliver FitzGerald outlines his highlights from the psoriatic arthritis presentations at the EULAR 2020 E-Congress, and discusses what the study results mean for clinical practice (10:13).

Kim Lauper

09-06-2020 | EULAR 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Researcher comment: The JAKPOT study

Kim Lauper discusses findings from the JAKPOT study, an international collaboration showing comparable JAK inhibitor and TNF inhibitor retention rates in real-world patients with rheumatoid arthritis (3:50).