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19-06-2018 | Psoriatic arthritis | EULAR 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Low rates of radiographic progression with secukinumab treatment in PsA patients

Douglas Veale comments on study results showing that secukinumab-treated PsA patients have low rates of radiographic progression regardless of prior TNF inhibitor exposure or concomitant methotrexate treatment (2:45).

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18-06-2018 | Rheumatoid arthritis | EULAR 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Malignancy and infection risk with JAK inhibitors in RA patients

EULAR president Hans Bijlsma comments on a meta-analysis evaluating the risk for malignancy or serious infection among RA patients treated with JAK inhibitors (5:44).

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15-06-2018 | Rheumatoid arthritis | EULAR 2018 | Video

Researcher comment: MRI monitoring may not be justified in RA patients in clinical remission

Signe Møller-Bisgaard discusses her findings from the IMAGINE-RA study looking at the effects of adding the target of no osteitis or bone marrow edema on MRI to a conventional treat-to-target regimen in patients with RA (5:10).

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09-11-2017 | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

Internet-based educational tool improves juvenile idiopathic arthritis QoL

Study investigator Jennifer Stinson discusses a trial assessing an online program to help teenagers with juvenile idiopathic arthritis to manage their condition.

09-11-2017 | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

Expert commentary: Tapping into technology to manage juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Editorial Board member Sangeeta Sule discusses a trial of an online self-management tool for adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and the role of technology and education to manage the condition.

09-11-2017 | ACR/ARHP 2017 | Video

Expert commentary: Biologic use during pregnancy and infection risk in infants

Bonnie Bermas provides an independent viewpoint on the results of a study suggesting that the use of biologic agents by women with rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy is not associated with an increased serious infection risk for their babies.


09-05-2018 | Juvenile idiopathic arthritis | Podcast | Audio

A closer look at the SHARE recommendations

In this medwireNews podcast, Athimalaipet Ramanan outlines the importance of the SHARE recommendations for children with JIA-associated uveitis, and discusses how rheumatologists and ophthalmologists can work together.

27-03-2018 | Biosimilars | Podcast | Audio

Talking to patients about biosimilar drugs

In this medwireNews podcast, Editorial Board member Victoria Ruffing discusses how to talk to patients about biosimilar drugs, and outlines questions and concerns they may have.

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