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Drugs & Therapy Perspectives

Browse October's selection of peer-reviewed articles from the Adis journal portfolio. Curated by the editors and updated monthly. These papers highlight topical research and reviews for the benefit of Medicine Matters readers.

ACR Convergence 2021 highlights

3–9 November: Preview the conference with session recommendations and updates on upcoming coverage.

JAK inhibitor safety

Data summary and expert discussion on the potential risks associated with JAK inhibitors.

IN FOCUS | JAK inhibitors

02-09-2021 | JAK inhibitors | News

FDA requires boxed warning updates for JAK inhibitors

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Anifrolumab for the treatment of lupus

Perspective on the approval of anifrolumab and the importance of endpoints in lupus trials.

IN FOCUS | COVID-19 & rheumatic disease

20-10-2021 | COVID-19 | News

Data favor TNF inhibitor monotherapy for IMIDs during COVID-19 pandemic

TNF inhibitor monotherapy is associated with a lower risk for COVID-19-related hospitalization or death than other common immunomodulatory treatments given to people with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, research suggests.

COVID-19 vaccination in patients with rheumatic diseases

Get answers to key questions with recommendations from professional organizations

IN FOCUS | Inflammatory arthritis

21-10-2021 | Infection | News

TNF inhibitors linked to more serious infections in RA vs PsA

Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis have a significantly higher risk for serious infections while receiving TNF inhibitor therapy than those with psoriatic arthritis, Norwegian researchers report.

Common scores used in rheumatology

An at-a-glance reference guide to the scores that are commonly used in clinical trials & daily rheumatology practice

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Febuxostat and cardiovascular risk in people with gout

How will the FAST trial results impact regulatory guidance & clinical practice?


Interviews with expert rheumatologists on patient care

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