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JAK inhibitor safety

Weighing up the data and understanding the risks

What you need to know

A number of JAK inhibitors are now approved for the treatment of rheumatic diseases in different settings, but questions remain about their long-term safety profiles and overall place in therapy.

Take a look below for in-depth discussion of the potential risks associated with JAK inhibitors and what these mean for rheumatologists, as well as news on the latest safety data and approvals for this class of drugs.

Expert discussion on the ORAL Surveillance results

Richard Conway and Kevin Winthrop

05-08-2022 | JAK inhibitors | Video

Have the ORAL Surveillance results changed rheumatology practice?

Following publication of the ORAL Surveillance trial, Richard Conway and Kevin Winthrop discuss the impact of the findings on JAK inhibitor prescribing, how regulatory recommendations compare in Europe and the USA, and whether the risks seen with tofacitinib represent a class effect.

Ask the expert

Victoria Ruffing

06-07-2022 | JAK inhibitors | Ask the expert | Video

How to talk to patients about JAK inhibitor safety

Following the results of the ORAL Surveillance trial, which demonstrated increased rates of adverse events in people taking JAK inhibitors, Victoria Ruffing provides guidance on how to talk to patients about the risks associated with these medications.

Research news

ORAL Surveillance: Tofacitinib fails to show noninferiority vs TNF inhibitors for MACE, malignancy risk

The JAK inhibitor tofacitinib is associated with numerically higher rates of MACE and malignancy than TNF inhibitors in people with RA at high CV risk, show the ORAL Surveillance results.

In focus

Feature article

JAK inhibitor safety: Distilling the evidence

Peter Nash discusses the latest evidence on the association between JAK inhibitors and the risk for VTE, MACE, and malignancy.

Safety snapshot

Upadacitinib in patients with psoriatic arthritis

Access our overview of the key safety data from the SELECT-PsA studies.

ACR Convergence 2020 news

‘The Great Debate’: JAK inhibitors vs biologics following methotrexate failure in RA

“The Great Debate” of the ACR Convergence 2020 virtual meeting addressed the question of whether JAK inhibitors should be given before biologics following an inadequate response to methotrexate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Regulatory updates

07-02-2022 | Gallery

Timeline of JAK inhibitor approvals for rheumatic diseases in the USA and Europe

07-02-2022 | Download | PNG 136.3 KB

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